Treetop Adventure – Team Building Extraordinaire!

If you are searching for fun, intellectual, unique, team building experience,

Treetop Adventure Team building experience at the city of Pines is the best place to go to.

I have joined different team buildings but this one let’s you get to know each other, gel as a team, find out each other’s gift and learn to work with each other to make sure the team is working as a single unit or else they must start all over with the activity.

We had the following activities and challenges:

  1. Cheering competition:

2. Small pipe balancing with 2 fingers and bringing down at the same time challenge:

We had to make sure to use only 2 fingers and to bring down the pipe evenly at the same time near to the floor from a height of around 2 feet from the floor to around 5 inches from the ground. The challenge here was to make sure to do it all at the same time and to make sure the pipe doesn’t fall or get outbalanced.

3.Hook and shoot challenge:

Just like the timezone game where you would need to get the item by catching it and then using a crane to make it fall out so you can bring it home, the concept is the same but we all had to work together to hook 3 shapes and land it on to a similar shaped drop off point. If we were able to complete the 3 shapes, there would be a loud sound that would signal we have completed the challenge.

4. lift table and balance marble challenge. We had to make sure we lifted this table with a marble in the middle and we had to each make sure the marble on our own area is also balanced. This required working as an individual and as a team. We had to also walk together slowly and then to shoot the table evenly to make sure it will be balanced.

5. Treasure hunt : They hid 3 idols, we had 1 representative from each team to look for it after piecing together a treasure map ala jisaw puzzle as a team, and then once they found it they would run back to the activity area and then we had to solve a riddle after.


6. 4 planks and 8 person balancing act challenge: we had to make sure we would fit as a team with 4 planks and not to step outside of those 4 planks. We were 8 and we had to pass the plank to the other side till we could reach the far end of the activity area. This took a lot of literraly getting close to one another and holding on to one another. Each one’s strengths was used and the weaknesses was supported by the other. A senior, a heavyweight(me), a strong man (boyraket), a flexible dancer (charming lani) and other shapes and talents had to gel together and make room for each other to be a success.


7. pipe challenge: we had to make sure a pingpong ball was able to pass thru along pipeline and then shot like a basketball at the far end of the activity area. This tool a lot of coordination and teamwork as well. Our team was the only team that accomplished it and I am proud of my team since we were the only team to complete all challenges even though we didn’t win the overall championship crown.


8. The last activity is the pull up at the same time challenge with marbles activity.

We had to pull 2 levers at the same time and make sure not less than 2 marbles would fall.

We had to do it at the same time. This activity we had to do over and over and it was very frustrating. But in the end we finished it quickly albeit we had to do it more than 8 times before we finally achieved our goal.

The team building activity – has the goal of gelling as a team, learning to accept each other’s weaknesses, learning to follow the leader, having a competitive attitude and having awesome fun at the same time. The staff at Treetop were very accomodating and even gave a certificate of participation to all and a prize to the winning team.

All in all – the best teambuilding experience I had in my life!

All photos courtesy of Eric Tan:

The Team Building package includes: 
  • Facilitators
  • Team building kits (name tags, arm bands, and materials to be used for the chosen activities)
  • Company Certificates of Participation.


Pick the team adventure you want to experience!
Activity Package 1: 
Php 800.00/per person
Choose 8 activities
Activity Package 2: 
Php 1,200.00/per person 
Choose 12 activities

Tree Top Adventure is a must experience tourism destination in Northern Luzon, Philippines. With two branches – TREE TOP SUBIC and TREE TOP BAGUIO — Zip line park brings you all the safety comforts while keeping the thrills by use of engineering background and expertise.

For more information about Tree Top Adventure, Branches:

Tree Top Adventure Baguio
Special Tourism Economic Zone, Camp John Hay
Loakan Road, Baguio City
T: +6374 442-0800
M: +63932 404-1112


Tree Top Adventure Subic
Jest Area, Upper Mau, Cubi Point,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
T: +6347 252-9425
M: +63922 576-9156 / +63915 838-9354


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