Eat Kamote song – surprised me that it helped someone in a different way!

When I created the ‪#‎RichValor‬ name, blog, and, fb live broadcast, I meant it to share my adventures in life, my talent, craziness in general and for God, Joy as a worshipper, and a media blogger. I never expected my eat kamotesong to have a life changing effect to a Mary Catanus and her children.

hahaha.. even my kids, everytime may tantrums lalo na yung eldest ko, play ko lang yung eat kamote back to normal na..- Mary Catanus

my 5 year old elisha, sobrang paulit ulit yan pinapanood…tawa parin ng tawa…di mo alam ilang days ako bago naka get over don..pag nasa jeep ako at maalala ko ,hirap magpigil ng tawa..LOL..Thanks

Yes,,helps alot..promise

bugnutin kc itong eldest ko, pina pray over ko k sweet.. minsan watch kami youtube laughter therapy, nagagalit sya.. Eat Camote lang pala ang katapat… Youre such a blessing…

Indeed laughter is the best medicine! Thanks sa lahat ng nakinig or nanood sa walang basagan ng trip ni mr.Rich Valor


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