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The Voice

The Voice at

Cafe Lupe

Cafe lupe

Grace Bondad Nicolas and #TagMedia organized an overnight Videoke sing off at Cafe Lupe this July 2 – 3.

Who will be able to challenge the current champion? Allan Bough Gokongwei? Will he or won’t he sing Andrea Bocelli’s “The Prayer”

This is the other contender : Yvonne Bertoldo – who was the singer for Cafe Lupe 2011.

I, on the hand  am willing to give it a shot but am not confident I can take this amazing singers.

This is my most viewed video so far:

So I am wishing we all get a free stay just for trying.. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata..

Update: for me I believe Allan Bough Gokongwei and Yvonne Bertoldo are both the hands down winners in terms of quality and as both birit Queens and Kings. They even had an awesome duet “Total Eclipse of the heart” .

Here is a song from our most awaited Videoke singoff from Yvonne Bertoldo.

pardon for the noise since there was a live band outside. But as you will hear on the yourtube video, her voice resounds like an angel with passion.

Allan Bough Gokongwei’s video I have yet to source out.

All in all it was a great Cafe Lupe videoke session with people who loved videoke as much as I do.









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