Zoomanity’s Residence Inn and Paradizoo – Heaven on earth!


Paradizoo and Residence Inn:

Paradizoo sign

This is a place where you can find animals roaming around and wonderful plants, flowers, and vegetables too.

with Robert Yupangcvo

Zoomanity’s Robert Yupangco has a dream of making the Philippines the number 1 resorts and theme parks’ destination in the world and I believe that he is making strides towards this dream.
He has several zoos with ziplines and he has a grand vision for improving them along with the accommodation and restaurants that are also part of this Paradise Kingdom under the Zoomanity Brand.

Video of my 1st Visit:

On July 16 2016, I visited Paradizoo for the 2nd time during the 4th Farm Tourism launch and I must say I am impressed with the improvements done to the park. There are more signs, more decorations, more detail, more animals, more flowers, and more colors surround the wonderful park that he has beautifully designed.

great friends Lani and Rich

With Tag Media’s PR and co blogger Leilani Banzon. Thanks for the photos!

Photo credits to Mrs. Leilani Banzon and Ms Arriane Guzman.

The secret he has is also in selecting his team including a bonsai winning team member who designed a lot of the bonsai scattered around the park.

Bonsai King
There were also some places which highlighted different types of animals and creatures like the butterfly park, the noah’s ark, the graveyard for animals. the honey creation exhibit, the plants and flowers exhibit and much much more and that is why I can’t help but sing the smokey mountain song “Paraiso”  whenever I visit this place.

The Grand Vision of sir Robert Yupangco for Philippines and World Resorts under Zoomanity:

Residence Inn started as a resthouse that sir Robert Yupangco was not using and he started to make it to a resort and to feature animals in Residence Inn and at Paradizoo. He had a vision of having thousands of people to visit it. He then, transformed them to a resort zoo and then to a theme park with zip lines and he has a vision of having 18 zip lines as well. He plans to create a retirement haven for the Japanese with trailer homes and to have a banig and breakfast retirement home, a coffee musuem where they will show how the most expensive coffee is made. They plan to have a processing plant for milk and cheese and expand their ski resorts to Japan and to Kota Kinabalu and to have a river resort in Butal and in Kalawit, Puerto Prinsesa as well.

As the famous philospher has said, it doesn’t matter how slow we walk as long as we never stop and we need to be consistent to fulfill our vision. These are the recipes for success shared with us by sir Robert Yupangco.

zoomanity lion dave

I was privileged to have joined a group of bloggers again and to have this wonderful experience for the 2nd time under Tag Media and under the exclusive and premiere  PinoyBlogger group. Thanks again to Tag Media CEO Grace Bondad Nicolas and Zoomanity’s sir Robert Yupangco for this wonderful experience and opportunity!

Residence Inn With Yvonne and Arianne

With Fellow Bloggers Yvonne Bertoldo and Arriane Guzman

Bulalo at Residence Inn by Ms Curly Dianne

Bulalo served at Residence Inn

fun at zoomanity Residence Inn

Fun at Residence Inn!

kaye rey with Rich

With Kaye Rey

Boodle options Residence Inn

Boodle Menu at Residence Inn

King kong at Residence Inn

King Kong!

flying high

Rich Valor Flying High at Paradizoo!

How to go to Paradizoo:

If you have a car, it would take an hour and half (without traffic) to reach Paradizoo. Take the South Luzon Express way  and  exit in  Santa Rosa, Laguna. From Sta. Rosa go to Tagaytay Road going to Mahogany Avenue then go to Maglabe Drive, Mendez, Cavite  to reach Paradizoo.

If you plan to commute, from Manila ride a bus going to Olivarez, Tagaytay. From Olivarez ride a jeepney going to Mendez, Cavite then ride a tricycle going to Paradizoo,

For more information on zoomanity parks, please visit:


To know more about the event and promotions from the different Zoomanity Group Theme Parks, please contact TAG Media & Public Relations at 09166299381 or send inquiries to grace@asiadigitalmarketing.ph. or check http://www.zoomanity.com.ph   TAG Media & Public Relations is the marketing and branding arm of Zoomanity Group.

My YouTube channel is at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRojAv3AY2jh_nXzVETMMxg

More photos will be available at our official Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/DavidRichValor/



4 thoughts on “Zoomanity’s Residence Inn and Paradizoo – Heaven on earth!

  1. This article is soo cool!!! Ang cute ng pagka-add mo ng filter! Plus the images that made up a mini photo gallery 🙂 Our visit was such a great time. Aside from the places, the people in Paradizoo and Residence are soo amazing (I learned so much from Mr. Yupangco) 🙂 Hope we can come back!


    1. Thank you for appreciating my wacky ways. I believe that boring jobs are for boring people but they can pay well! I just love to have happiness and fun in whatever I do.


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