5 Key influencers #BlogEx

These 5 influencers helped me in so many ways and I am writing this article/blog to show you guys and girls that no man is an island. It is who you know and what you know that establishes your net worth in this industry which is thru your network.

This is also a 2 part series for my promotion for #BlogEx which is a Blogging and Brands convention in the spirit and style of TEDex Talks. The 2nd part will tackle people I met who are the emerging star bloggers and influencers.

The 5 influencers helped me and a lot of bloggers to get started with their blogging and to be profitable as well. Drumroll.

Ralph and cheffy wife Michelle

Ralph Huertas and his Chef wife Michelle Co Huertas

  1.  Ralph provides opportunities to bloggers to post press releases for the Philippine blogging community for his clients and we are able to pick up tokens from the client after posting the articles on our blog. It is a hassle free process and Ralph is the perfect guy for this Job. Just recently, I picked up a Bluetooth speaker and as soon as I posted a short video about it, almost 200 viewed it in a matter of hours.

Thank you Ralph for showing how simple things can be and for helping us newbies and the veteran bloggers.

ralph and me

Twins? hehe

2.  Richard Mamuyac is great influencer for me and the entire blogging community. He has been a veteran in the advertising and media industry for several years and even wrote comedy portions for a show. Personally, I have seen him help bloggers like me with opportunities to be media/bloggers for several clients. He is very professional, patient, and kind.


From his FB profile pic 

There will always be room in the blogging community for versatile, generous and sharing people like Richard Mamuyac. He is one of the speakers for the upcoming #BlogEx under #TagMedia and Public Relations. He is a co admin and founder of Philippine Bloggers network which has over 1800 members.

One of the major reasons you need to attend #BlogEx

Richard Mamuyac’s reaction comment:  Thanks for the kind words David. I don’t know if I qualify for the title “veteran in advertising and media industry” since I belong in a different industry now. But if there are opportunities to flex my hands again in copywriting and media relations, which knocks on my door from time to time, I think I still have some ounces of creative juices to offer. Thanks to my previous jobs. Now, if veteran in the sense that I am already entering the next half of my life, that would be appropriate, I guess.


He helped me get into at least 4-5 events before I finally met him in person here for VXI Launch. 

3. Ver Garcia – who I called Daddy Ver or superlolo has been a traditional media personality for the longest time. He attended my grandfather’s journalism courses and finished 3 of them taught by the top media influencers of the past decades. I met him the 1st time when I got a breakthru to join my 1st and most wonderful travel opportunity with bloggers at Azalea Baguio. He is very down to earth and has a winning smile.

He maintains a blogger group with 9,109 members.

Our greatest defining moment besides staying in the same quarters for Azalea Baguio was when we both took a great risk in riding the superman ride together at Treetop Adventure Baguio.




Supermen for God!

4.  Mrs Janette Toral – the living legend of e-commerce and one of the pillars of the blogging community.


If you want to be a certified digital marketer, if you want to learn how to be an affiliate marketer, if you want to learn tips and tricks in creating databases and multiple ways to monetize your blog, you need not look further, Mrs Janette Toral is the one for that Job.

You will need to invest and probably travel to be able to attend her boot camp seminars but she will not just feed you fish, she will teach you how to fish, and you will reap several times what you invested if you apply the techniques and tech savvy wisdom she will impart to you.

I met her at an Affiliate marketing session 101 at Bspot Ortigas near Galleria. It was a very enriching and helpful experience.

janette with Dave

She is also one of the featured speakers for the upcoming #BlogEx and One of the major reasons you can’t miss the event.


Last and definitely not the least. I saved the best for last.

At number 5 spot, our mommy in #TagMedia Queen G.


She is the epitome of grace , hard work, winning attitude, always positive, sees the best in everyone, always encourages, will tell me never to give up, to go higher when there are urges to lie low. She has mentored a lot and was mentored too before, She pays it forward thru advocacies and I believe she is in the business of helping people. She is a huge blessing to her clients, her special group of Pinoy Bloggers, her new women winners’ circle and she is part of multiple groups like the Tourism Board. I know she is a genius since I do not know how she can multitask so many clients and projects all at the same time and she even goes to trips hands on with the bloggers.

Please attend #BlogEx to be able to listen to her and know the enigma that isGrace Bondad Nicolas. If I will compare her to a computer, I’d say she is a supercomputer.


Previous article with Mrs. Grace Bondad Nicolas.

BlogEx Manila 2016 is a joint project between TAG Media & Public Relations and Brand Philosophy Inc. It’s the first and only trade show, conference and media event dedicated to promoting and recognizing the dynamic and healthy synergy between digital influencers and business owners. The Expo’s audience includes bloggers, social media enthusiasts, digital broadcasters, entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and corporations, marketing, PR and advertising agencies, and influential new media experts.

For partnership/sponsorship and speaking opportunity, please contact +63 9158932550 or email: dariusknighty@gmail.com. TAG Media and Public Relations is the organizer of Asia E- Commerce Expo, Asia Digital Marketing Expo, Asia Leaders Talk, Asia Leaders Forum, Asia HR Expo 2016: The Digital Talent Acquisition and Asia Travel & Tour Expo 2016: The Digital Tourism. Be one of the speakers. Grab the speaking opportunity. Delegate pass, registration is Php 5,000.00 (Full Conference for corporate).

Registration is FREE for Bloggers just visit http://blogexmanila.com






2 thoughts on “5 Key influencers #BlogEx

  1. It’s very important, no matter what field you are in, to get mentors and and have inspirations. I feel fortunate to meet and learn from Ms. Grace as well! I hope we get to spread support and love across the entire blogging community.


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