Century X Ten – Classy Show! @ Century City Mall


Century X Ten was held last Aug. 26, 2016 at Century City Mall. It was a night of style, class, extravagance and finesse just like the core branding of Century Properties and Malls emulate as well.

While watching the show, I felt I was transported to a Gossip Girl TV series and had an illusion of one day having a makeover and warddrobe sponsored by the Fashion Designers and by Century City Mall. (hint,hint) Nothing wrong with dreamin.


It was an awesome spectacle to see beautiful ladies with flowing gowns and modern and classic styles meshed together like a perfect tapestry along with electro music and the crowd was loud and awestruck at the way the show was performed.

The latest trends were hitting the catwalk, as the 10 fashion designers that showcased their 10 creations, numbering to a fantastic 100 top of the line clothing, were Kim Tiu Laurel, Me-An Marqueda, Audrey Rose Albason, Jackie Bautista, Erika Gana, Chino del Pilar, Edel Santiago, Con Cordeta, Patrick Lazol, and Mel Velayne.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another great concept show for century city mall created by the events company of cherry Saculo, who would walk the talk heading A fashion project….

cherry saculo.jpg


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