Ely Buendia and Jay Ortega – New hit duo collaborate and launch at Victoria Court Malate

Last September 17 2016.  I was privileged to join a group of bloggers and media to cover the “Is it hip?”  music video launch and  I was able to interview the duo as well. .

Part of the lessons they told us is to work on your craft, be passionate about your music, and to always stay humble.

Victoria Court is always on the lookout for out-of-the-box events and the launching of Apartel’s music video is definitely one of them. Apartel, a new super-group formed by legendary Eraserheads front man and songwriter Ely Buendia, alongside co-conspirator and founder, Gnash/DRT front-man, and songwriter Jay Ortega has just launched their first ever single entitled “Is It Hip?”. When we heard the single and the entire album of the band, we knew both brands fit like a glove.

Apartel is a cool group and Victoria Court is a great place for the event to have been held.

Prizes were given during the show and I won a 3 hour GC for victoria court! Thanks! I used it during the event since it was so hot. I even took a bath twice haha!  The service was fast and reliable

All in all,  it was a great launch and I believe we have another hit duo that are made and will continue to make awesome music.

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