Best of Aliw – a Resounding Success!

Last October 11, I was privileged to join a group of bloggers and media to cover and attend Best of Aliw under TagMedia productions.

As a  Youtuber and Vlogger, I was given an opportunity to take some videos and pictures of the rehearsals for the musical concert and I had a backstage pass for the actual concert itself.

Pictures from the event and from the Official Photographer of TagMedia for the event:


Here were the videos I took right before the concert to promote the event as well:

The founding President Alice Hernandez Reyes shares what an Aliw Award is and how to qualify for one. This is a very informative video about what is Aliw.

Direk  Freddie Santos promotes the concert and provides an authentic analysis of what it means to join the entertainment industry.

Here are some pictures from the concert with Lisa Macuja as our premiere Prima Ballerina!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Interview with Dulce: Here I ask her questions on how Jesus helped her during her career and sing a quick worship song with her. Awesome!

Interview with Ms Gerphil Flores: She is very easy to talk to and down to earth despite her resounding success. She sings with such an angelic voice and a strong vibratto as well.

Interview with sir Jed Madela: He is tall around 5’10”, handsome, and sings excellently with passion, feeling, and expertise!

Here is the interview I had with Mrs Lea Salonga at her dressing room with Ms. Lisa Macuja

I also asked the performers to do some videos for my nursery/kid songs project and they agreed and to sing with me too.. Great!

Here are the videos:

From the Halili School of Ballet: This performance was done during the tech rehearsals.

I took the opportunity to dance with one of the best dancers in the world after my Jollibee crew dance, this is a level up!! From the Jollibee Mascots to Junior New System.

They also agreed to dance and sing Tatlong Bibe for me:

Ms Gerphil Flores sang Twinkle Twinkle and did the hand actions as well! Thanks so much!

Sir Jed Madela sang Bahay Kubo with me: And we looked funny at the same time !

This blog is a companion to my youtube channel. Thanks to TagMedia Productions and to Grace Bondad Nicolas for the wonderful opportunity.  There are more concerts to come under TagMedia.

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