Kaleidoscope Turns 1 – A Greenfield Event.

Every weekend for the past year, there have been celebrations at the greenfield park.  I live so close to Greenfield park, so I would say I am impressed by the quality of events and Banchettos that they have provided there. The music is always top-notch, the sponsors are high end, and they have the best entertainment and food vs the other Banchettos near the area.

Some have tried to copy and yet they do not come close to the quality of Greenfield’s events like the Kaleidoscope one which has just turned one on November 5, 2016. I was privileged to be invited to cover it as a media blogger.

Some pictures from the presscon:

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Here is an interview with the Sr. VP for Marketing, Atty. Duane Santos:

As a youtuber, I took some videos of the concert by Nina Espinosa and Bradley Holmes.

Here are the videos I took:

Nina Espinosa sang “Rollin in the Deep”, and walked around the park asking people to sing with her. There were dancing at the park too.

Nina and Brad sang Magasin as well:

They always have a great show and events at Kaleidoscope. The anniversary was a super special one!

Thanks to Ms. Lira Poralan for inviting me to cover the event and my mentor Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas for introducing me to Ms. Lira. Thanks to all the photos by Arthur Manalo.


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I met Edrian Bautista in person, and I am now also a media partner of Blogadia.com



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