RichValor – a rising blog star?

Good morning. Well It is 3:56 am in manila while I write this new part of my blog.

Sorry to bombard my readers with a lot of PR posts. I have good friends and partners who have a lot to promote and I believe in their products and give more value to relationship with them so I do the PR posts here and in my other blogs. They offer good products and services. Sometimes those are pre-event PRS and I will update that blog with another post which would contain the experience for the actual event.

I also have been accepted with Chicken Pork Adobo under ABS CBN and have been concentrating  on my youtube Channel: Please subscribe!

I need a few more to reach the 100th subscriber so than I can customise my URL:

Thanks for all those that read my blog, watch my youtube and are subscribed to my FB page  as well:

I also maintain a foodie promos group in FB where people actively post good deals and finds for those that want affordable food in the Philippines.

I am so excited to be featured this monday November 14, 2016. I will be added to the rising blog stars of the Philippines list under

I know I do not deserve it especially since I need a whole redesign and custom URL soon for this blog but I am happy for God’s super favor this 2016. Thank you sir Edrian Bautista!

I will be posting some more exciting stuff in this blog. – Some about the AsiaPop Comiccon event and some creative stuff. I will be sharing my musical side and fantasy stories will start to be added as well.

Here’s to a great season to you all! Du30 Trump – season now. I believe God has something great in store for all of you!

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