3 Quick Takeaways From Synergy’s HugotitRight seminar

#hugotitright was one of the best seminars i attended this year. It was held last November 9 at the Aruba Services Hotel. I attended with my mentor Grace Bondad Nicolas.

The speakers knew what they were talking about and were experts at their own field.

The first takeaway is that the facts are good but it is the stories that sell.
They tug at your heart and remind you of the product. Hugots are in and so are stories of heartbreak and stories we can relate to.

The best technique for marketers now is to focus on the story and it applies to both b2b and to consumer marketing as well.

Kwentong Jollibee:

Jollibee focused on this and has the kwentong Jollibee marketing.
Another example is the globe star wars advertisement as well.

2nd takeaway from #Hugotitright seminar is that we are all actors in the stage of life.

How many hats or roles do we play?

As for me, i have a lot. Father, husband, son, It Pro. Media pro, blogger, youtuber, singer, cartoon character. Hehe.

We must play all those roles to the best of our ability and yet is should not be those hats that define us. We are not defined by the hats we wear.

There is something deeper and higher that define us. I believe I am called to influence the world of media and marketing with God’s call to worship Him and give glory to Him in everything we do and to be a salt and light in the darkest places.

The last takeaway is : Let us not just use 100 percent of our energy. Let us give our energy to the 20,000 th power.

A sample game about this is shown at this video:

Find your purpose on the grand scheme of the grand play and do it to the best of your ability for the glory and praise of the audience of One.

1. You need not just facts. Stories sell.
2. Life is a stage. Be the best at every role.
3. 20,000 power effort.

Let’s make our marketing more about the stories that touch lives so the Hugots will be at the right way and right place. When we touch hearts and change lives, the viral will come.

I hope 1 day that whatever encouragement I show and share in my songs, blogs, youtube channel, tv, movie, and radio appearances will be a great story in itself to go viral about the goodness of God in my life so that they will also have hope that have lost all hope and believe He exists and we can all have a grand adventure with Him every step of the way in the grand stage of life. After all He is the master director and producer of everything.

Thanks to Mrs Germaine Reyes for inviting me to her event. I know the next one slated April 2017 will be a huge success.


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