Detour Conference:God Spoke to me here!

The meaningful 3-day mentoring program was held last 18-20 November 2016 at BOSO-BOSO HIGHLANDS RESORT in Antipolo, with PROPEL MENTORING PARTNERSHIP CO. as its main organizer and facilitator.

Here are my reflections on the Detour Camp I attended:

1. Detours are sudden and unexpected: We do not expect when they come and the effect can delay certain plans that we have in our life. If a new couple had travel plans for the new year and they find out they are pregnant, the trip will probably be cancelled. If you planned your whole life with the bonus for Christmas and you get fired or you have to resign before December, the plans would all change. If you had a lot of bookings and teleserye guestings for december but you unfortunately had a vehicular accident or were diagnosed with an illness where you cannot go out of the house for a month, then all your plans would have to change as well.

2. Detours can be a divine appointment and can give you a new perspective and a new lease of life. For example you worked as an IT for 10 years and then you suddenly had to leave that career and tried to go into your first love singing and theatre. Then you suddenly got discovered and your career takes off, then that would be one inspirational Detour!.

3. I listened to only some speakers since I was busy with other things during the propel conference. But there was 1 speaker that spoke to me as if it was God himself who was speaking thru him. It was also the only time instead of asking a question. I said thank you to the speaker since I believed God used him mightily to confirm a lot of things in my life. That person was sir Anthony Pangilinan who shared such an inspirational message.

4. I was supposed to go to my wife’s event in a church where she preached to Pastors or to a Holy Spirit Church gathering at Church so Blessed but somehow I chose and was led to go to the Detour Propel Conference. Thanks to’s Shean De Vera for the invite and I was able to refer other blogger friends to join as well. I was dying and longing to attend a good retreat and wanted to hear God’s voice for my life. I knew deep inside this was the right decision. Then I saw Pastor Andrew Paul Pineda Franco, who is my co-attendee to my mentor Pastor Leo Duites Leadership class that I used to attend at the same conference.

Little did I also know that the whole team for Propel is made up of church members too under Pastora Mary Jane Vega. So little by little – God’s plan to meetup with me was revealed to me.

5. Sharing in a concise way his message to me thru Propel Detour conference:

David Rich Valor – I have called you to be a salt and light to this world. Please continue living out your passion and dream to sing, dance, act, broadcast, create movies, music, animation, TV shows, films for the kingdom. I will take care of you and your family. Do not lose hope. I am with you every step of the way. Yes sometimes you do not know where you are going or life may seem like a zigzag. Just trust in me to direct you every day of your life. I will always lift you up. Keep on trusting me. Give hope to the hopeless. Sing where people have never heard the glory of God. Worship me with the highest praise in all types of media. Shout out the resurrection power and life that is within you and let the fire burn in you and let them see you burn! There are more adventures that are in store for you. Keep the fire burning and do not lose hope! I am always with you to the end of the age.

These were the speakers at the Detour Conference: DETOUR Speakers are as follows:
1. Anthony Pangilinan, Motivation speaker
2. David Lim, President of MyPhone
3. Rachel Harrison, Founder of Zambawood
4. Dark Lord Flip Ruby, Countryhead HR speaker
5. Life Coach Mary Jane Vega, President of Propel Mentoring Partnership Co.
6. Andrew Cua, Founder of Tralulu
7. Rachel De Villa, co-founder of Cropital.

Thank you so much for reading my blog:

I hope you were blessed. I want to thank all my new friends at Propel Detour conference again for letting God use them and for my co-participants for letting God and the Propel team to minister to them.

Some Detours are God ordained. This is definitely from God. is a media partner for #RichValor

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