TIME CAPSULE POST from 2016 to 2020 version.


Just want to share my heart this time:

My relative when I was younger discouraged me before to have my own diary where I recorded my everyday activities.

But now I have FB to record everything. From thoughts, songs, videos, events, blogs, youtubes, collabs, concerts, fb lives, and more avenues and mediums of expressions, there are many ways to record my life and talents and to preserve these for future generations to watch, read, and be inspired or to learn a lesson.

Even if only a few see these, the most important is I can look back and read it and be inspired. My children will be able to know their father more and what he went through so they can be guided accordingly what is possible and what they should avoid.

They can learn from my mistakes and the things I did correctly as well. This is my legacy. I sing multiple songs and record raw videos without editing since I want them to know their father more and learn the songs I knew when I was still alive and was much younger too.

I record them for my future self to enjoy and laugh at as well. Even with all my grammatical mistakes and unedited videos and musical recordings, I still continue, It is better to have tried than not to have done anything with my life. They say that, in the graveyard lies all the inventions and treasures that should have been published. I do not want to waste my life. Thanks for those that read this and support me.

Hi to my future self. I see you with much success, Hopefully your blog has your own URL by now. I hope you have a team that is editing your videos. I pray you are now able to create those media with revival glory that God planted in our heart by the time you read this post.

I declare a prosperous and well rounder life to you my future self. Continue to motivate others and share your great experiences with God to help others get out of depression and out of the rut that they are in.

I know you have a great family and marriage. Yes you are blessed all ways. Spirit, soul, body, finances, property, career, Your children have grown up and are using their potentials to the fullest. Sweet-reyes Ferro now is leading a world missions tour for women to take the nations for Jesus and the support you have both raised are a great help too for the gospel.

Your Happy Rich Tv channel is now a Joy filled channel with a happiness guru website sharing how to tap into the great power of the Holy Spirit and use that dunamis power in every day life and in ministry. You are now a speaker to share encouragement and to tell people how they can reach their unlimited potential.

Praise God for all of this!


3 thoughts on “TIME CAPSULE POST from 2016 to 2020 version.

    1. You know I will always support you as well. It is a divine time for me to walk in at World Extravaganza and meet you and Jona Paculan that night.
      An extravagant love for music is a common thing we share and for the lovers of music as well.
      Acceptance of everyone and encouragement of talents.

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