Meeting with COO – Tourism Promotions Board Cesar Montano – Tourism Bloggers!


I was so blessed again to be tapped to invite some bloggers to meet the newly appointed Tourism Promotions Board COO – Actor, and film director – Cesar Montano.

It was a spur of the moment, last minute kind of thing, but in my experience, these divine appointments are the most rewarding.

Some were starstruck to see the handsome actor like miss Natalie Tugade who had a full blush-on during her first encounter with Cesar Montano.


It was a fun-filled meeting with him and we enjoyed meeting a legend in Filipino Films. He shared his vision of promoting Tourism by going around the world to promote the Philippine Tourism Industry thru Film Tourism. We saw some videos they created showcasing different tourist hot spots and they had a HD 1080P/4k quality to all their videos. The story telling was concise and they were able to compress the whole video to a minute for some of the ads they produced. They said it is because people nowadays have a short attention span.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We will be promoting the SelPhilippines app where people will be able to avail of promos when the GPS signal tracks that one is currently at one of the tourist hotspots. People can get free food and other prizes while using the SELphilippines app.

After this first event, we were asked to cover the anti-drug rally at luneta. DILG was the main government to officiate event but the TPB was the support at that time.

Here is a video where our COO Cesar Montano sings 1 of my favorite worship songs.
“How Great is our GOd”

Video is from my super daddy Ver Garcia who has a bloggers group with more than 9000 members:

I am excited for the first official event we have as bloggers who support the TPB.

Thanks again to Krissy Mago for the opportunity.

TPB – marketing head of special events.


The website for the Tourism Promotions Board:

Facebook page:

4/F Legaspi Towers 300 Roxas Boulevard
Manila, Philippines
Call (+632) 5259318-27

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