Wattpad relaunched at TV5!

Members of the media and press were invited to a media launch for Wattpad under the TV5 network last April 25 at the Isabela Ballroom at Shangri-la Makati.

Being a Gilas fan, I was so happy to find out I would meet the coach of Gilas 5 in person and I took a quick video of TV 5’s interview with him here:


Official photo of the interview from Wattpad FB page:


The press conference’s cast of Talents and the big bosses of TV5

L-R: Ben Isaac, Kate Alejandrino, Sarah Carlos, Mell Yazon Tolentino, Coach Chot Reyes (TV5 President and CEO), Madonna Tarrayo and Lloyd R. Manaloto (TV5 Head of Marketing)

As the show returns to your television screens, be prepared for an all new exciting set of stories that everyone – especially millennials can surely relate to! May it be falling in love with a best friend, a love story with a dark twist or a love triangle, you name it, Wattpad Presents will have it.

To make sure that every scene is created with the highest production value, episodes will be produced by production houses known for quality films and commercials – Unitel and Firestarter, to name a few. The comeback of Wattpad Presents will also feature more popular titles and authors from varied genres like rom-com, romance with a bit of action, and even romantic horror stories.

To give you a glimpse of what’s in store for your Saturday Night Kilig Sesh sa Wattpad, here are the first four stories that will be featured:

(1) “Destined” written by Blue Maiden, which has reads of 22.4 M and the Wattys 2015 winner. The story involves a love triangle that will also leave a question to viewers “Who do you choose? The one you love or the one who loves?” The premiere episode, which promises to give everyone a “kilig” experience, stars former theater actress Sarah Carlos as Kayla; Ben Isaac, who was Dubbed as one of Chalk Magazine’s Hottest Male Celebs, as Kean; indie actress Kate Alejandrino as Krystal, and Candy Cutie Raphael Robes as Dwayne. Jaime Habac Jr., director of “Im drunk, I Love You”, will direct the premiere episode.

(2) “Just the Benefits” written by Beeyotch, which reached 28.9M reads. The story is about a power couple who still find themselves still drawn to each other after breaking up, so they’ve decided to keep it casual and just enjoy the benefits without any labels.

(3) “Unlucky I’m in love with my Bestfriend” written by Stupidlyinlove, with 38.1 M reads and was published by Summit Pop Fiction. The story is about BFFs Zandra and Zendrick. As time goes by, Zandra finds herself falling in love with her bestfriend.

(4) “Special Section” written by Onneechan, with 17.5 M reads. This is a story about a very controversial high school “Special Section” wherein strange series of events occurred with a romantic mix.

Video invite by Sarah Carlos:

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Video invite by Ben Isaac:

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Video invite by Kate Alejandrino:

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Video invite by all 3 stars and RichValor(me)

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Photo op with Coach Chot Reyes:

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Assorted photos from the event:

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The all-new Wattpad Presents premieres on April 29, 9:00 PM only on TV5!

Wattpad Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WattpadPresents/
Twitter: @wattpadpresents
Instagram: @wattpadpresents


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