#Wildflowerlapastangan – quick reaction post

Episode that aired June 23,2017
Link here:

I have been watching wildflower teleserye for the past few episodes.
I was pondering if I should start a review or even a vlog.
Well this episode had a great ending (Spoiler)
Congrats to the wildflower cast again! and my colleague from UP Diliman Engineering
Headwriter for Wildflower- Miss Carmela Abaygar from Block D-11

This ending was one of the best. I didn’t see it coming.
Great acting by Maja Salvador with her smirk when she was playing with Rk Bagatsing’s feelings again.
The sad part and great twist was bago mabulgar ni Nimfa Identity ni IVY Aguas as Lily, she ran into Arnaldo at his crazy shooter moment. 2nd time in a row. 1st kill was the foster mother of Ivy (Nanay Carlota)
Arnaldo wanted to kill Diego then but when Nimfa tried to say negative things like wag daw pagkatiwalaan si IVY and right before mabulgar identity nya as LILY, Arnaldo killed and murdered Nimfa right then and there!

I was actually thinking Nimfa might continue her role into Book 2 of wildflower. Ok so I wasn’t able to predict this episode and that is why I posted this. During the first kill of Mayor Arnaldo, may kutob na ako na papatayin or mamatay si nanay Carlota since ang daming scenes nya with Ivy Aguas right before she died – may Ilove you pa.

This is just a test blog post. Not sure if many will read or appreciate this but Thanks for those that will!



I love the way Tirso Cruz acts as one of the main antagonists for the show!

Here is an interview I had with him during the press con:



2 thoughts on “#Wildflowerlapastangan – quick reaction post

  1. I agree with you! I love that plot twist. I didn’t see it coming! I also love the part when Maja counted 10,9,8,7… ginaya niya yung kay Prianka noon when a businessman refused her and then came back to her to accept her deal. Pak na pak! Bravo this TV series!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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