Worship and some thoughts about it.

Not a numbers game in words: He’s looking into your heart! 

Desperation for Him is better than being satisfied with just going thru your lineup. Sometimes 1 phrase or one stanza with heartfelt and sincere feelings is better than going thru the 6 song lineup. God is not really into many words sometimes. He just wants our heart. So if we just tell Him we love him with all our being, He will definitely be the one to sing His lineup to us. Listening will be the next part and that is the glorious realm we need to tap into more.

HOLY stillness 

Stillness or heavy stillness where the whole congregation is quiet and in awe to the reverence of His presence happened many times in the past. Even kids are quiet. This is also a great type of worship or experience when His presence comes down.
Songleading vs Worship Leading
Worship is not song leading. God is looking for those not satisfied with just songs but He wants those that want His presence to always come down! Sometimes stopping the music, then praying in repentance and in the Spirit is more important than continuing in worship especially if there is still heaviness in the group. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and in seeing how the atmosphere in the group is also important. The real worship leader is the Holy Spirit. So if we are to be true worshippers in Spirit and in Truth, we need to know how to follow Him.
Where your heart is there your treasure is also
Spending time with God is the best investment. Spend more time there than junk in games, idle things, dark movies, and media.
Everyone is part of the worship team!
You can contribute positively to the worship atmosphere from the congregation because this is a spiritual thing, not a concert or a performance. At the same time, the congregation can pull the worship down if they are carrying a lot of burdens or worse if they have oppression in their lives. In that type of scenario, the prayer or worship leader/pastor must pray against the negative thru repentance, deliverance with healing before we can ascend into the heavenly realms and into the holy of holies. Linislinismuna. #onworship #notaconcert #notshowbiz God shows up not a man!
Clippings of old posts about worship: 
worship 3worship 2worship 1
To end this sharing on worship and for future posts, I will add some songs I love!

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