The Yard at Xavierville! Best grubs to go with AndyCola


5 reasons why I love going to the Yard at Xavierville.

  1. Smart Wifi – for 20 pesos you get 2 hours of superfast internet. For 50 pesos you get 10 hours. Simply buy a smart wifi call card at the AndyCola booth and then you can quickly upload your youtube videos which I did for 4 restaurants I featured. I want to go back to feature more soon! which bring me to number 2.
  2. Lots of great food and choices: I loved the wagyu sticks with chahan rice the most but there are lots of other great food choices here as well. As a Zomato reviewer and Youtuber, there are a lot to enjoy there. I need more time to make in depth reviews but so far I hope you enjoy the videos here:

Monaleeze Cafe –


It was their grand launch and the theme is to place your face in the foam of your coffee. I thought it was on the plastic cover but it was a mistake on my part. Watch the video here:



Ice Box – Liquid Nitrogen restaurant: This one has some cool stuff – Literally like dry Ice!! Watch the video here:

.Tang Chinese Resto : They had some great authentic chinese food served here and at an affordable price:

Baking Mum is run by three people; a young entrepreneurial couple and the“baking mum”herself. It started when the young couple wanted to start up a food business.

They decided to collaborate with one of their moms who loved cooking and could easily come up with a unique twist that would intrigue people’s taste. Thus, they named it Baking Mum.

Baking Mum is a concept that combines both traditional and refined food through “Mojos” and Special Dips that would bring you back to your childhood. The ever famous “Mojos” are complimented by our special dips, namely Lasagna Beef Dip, Pizza Dip, Jalapeno Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip and Bacon Onion Dip.


The Baking mum’s mojos with different dips: This was my favorite interview of the 4 and the 2 people I interviewed were fun to interview. I literally dropped my phone in ecstatic joy. They have a riverdale lighted setup too. I will go back to try the lasagna flavored dip soon!

3. They have great music at night. Since I love music and I even cover open mics and jam with singers. This is my thing and I love it!

4. Great place to meet people and to be with friends/to have meetings. Perfect place for media/bloggers/students to work on their thesis/projects/do food reviews and it is just a great place to enjoy life in general. Just like AndyCola! Thanks to Zomato and Andy Cola again!

5. AndyCola is just the perfect match for the food served in the Yard!

Featured image from this blog


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