John Lloyd’s prank and the Oppo Screening with Sarah G!

I wanted to kill 2 birds with 1 stone so I put 2 topics in 1 blog post.

First of all, bilib ang madami sa ginawa ni John Lloyd na acting sa GGV and na biktima 3 bloggers. I know one of them – Kate Adajar from

Madalas kami same table or magkatabi sa pag cover ng events with ABS-CBN. For some of you who do not know, I write for to cover local showbiz events.

Here is the link first so you can view the Candid Camera moment:


1 bilion3456910121314162426okkalang.parang na tense kasarah bites her lips

Grabe iniinterrupt si Kate. Di na nakatanong kahit isang question. Tapos parang galit talaga si John Lloyd. Pero after all the questions and super tense na yung atmosephere sa room, ni-reveal na prank lang to and suddenly they were all smiles. Pero maybe the words John Lloyd said while he was “joking” are good points to ponder about: especially 1 thing he said struck me. Does the public really care what they have to say??

I think the public does.  Just like how I see how a lot of super-fans go crazy over their favorite stars in twitter. They have role models in the celebrities they admire. For example Kisses Delavin fans are so polite and good mannered probably because they admire Kisses since she seems like such a polite and well-mannered person. The myjaps fans are so appreciative of how Julie Anne San Jose gives time for them. Xian Lim has supporters who financially held 2 major concerts for him. 1 in the US and 1 in manila. KATG around the world.  #Kathniel fans are super fanatics over the Kathniel duo and I noticed in the last film by Direk Mae Alviar, they have good reason to.

So I guess 1 thing I can surmise or gather from this is that when a public figure really works hard and is genuine towards their fans, the fans give back much more!

Whoever you admire is who you become like.

For the 2nd part of this article: I was invited by sir Ted Claudio to join the oppo advanced screening for Finally Found someone. Thanks to Myrns Roman too!

Here is the video where the Sarah G and the rest of the cast made an appearance before the movie started.





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