5 Heavenly Highlights from the 1st Seaprixjeunesse event

Lesson 1: GOD will always give you favor no matter what! Psalm 23:6 

“Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

Let me take the time to thank God for divine connection through Nestor Tugade Layderos. I have such a wonderful experience on the event that I have attended under Nestor’s management.

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These past few weeks, I was longing for a getaway which is a hotel accommodation. Praise God for divine connections, He used Mr. Layderos to make things happened through the event of Seaprixjeunesse.  I wasn’t really able to relax and sleep that much, but this place was a memorable one for me since my grandparents just lived beside Peninsula when they were still alive at Twin Towers. My grandpa – Ka Doroy, was a frequent guest at this Hotel when he was alive. The Manila Penninsula was put up during the year 1977 just 2 years after I was born. So for the first blessing and lesson is that – God provides, and has a supreme favor for His children even when there are moments that you were quite tired and down.

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Happy Birthday Eden Rose from @lightnetwork!

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style=”text-align: justify;”>Lesson 2: Together we can make a difference for a better media landscape for the Philippines and for the Asean

AnakTV is an organization of a group of all TV networks in the Philippines to promote wholesome, educational and family-oriented shows. The Seaprixjeunesse is similar in promulgating movies with good values by having a Filmfest.

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style=”text-align: justify;”>The said event was being joined by different countries in the movie industry. It was a competition produced by the Youth for the youth, with movies that have good advocacies at the heart of its storyline. Like for instance, one of the entries from the Philippines was a teacher who taught his students on how to make sound effects for radio programs, or audio podcasts. It was one of the best ones I watched. He showed the students what he used to create sound effects. On how to simulate earthquakes, and to simulate the sounds of animals. It was such an amazing one!

Another movie from the Philippines that really moved my heart, was about a group of students in a remote area who badly needs a bridge to be built to cross over to the other side of the river. The students walked for long four (4) hours going to their school. They pass-through rivers, cliffs, the forest just to study. This pains me so much because I know that this movie is a reality. It is exactly what happened on the other side of the world.

All the entries are really heart touching. Aside from the Philippines entry that I cannot forget is from Vietnam. It highlighted the story of hearing a disabled girl who had a dream of being a great ballerina.


The event was all about different nations from the Asean who were tasked to create good wholesome, quality films by the youth and for the youth. It was a contest and a Filmfest all rolled into one. This is similar to the thrust of the organisation that hosted the whole contest – the ANAKTV foundation. Details about the event are posted here.

3. Create new media with values formation for families

I have always had a command from God to create Revival media and to even start producing Family-friendly stories about family and this is a huge confirmation of that task God asked me to do. Right now, I have started thru improving my photography an videography coverage and the starting point I am doing in producing my own films are thru my YouTube channel for now. I dream of creating movies that glorify God and show His power and goodness whenever people will watch the films I will be creating which brings me to number 4.

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With Miss Boots Anson Roa

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4. A wonderful Film-Making workshop inspired me to do more and achieve more for my own YouTube channel and future endeavors! 

I was able to attend a workshop on the last day about film-making under RSVP production. Here the lecturer discussed the importance of using good and updated equipment so that the movies we produce will be future proof. He also showed actual clips of the movie shoots including the stunts from movies that they produced for star cinema including the up and coming Revengers but we were not allowed to take photos or videos of the event.

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5. HappyRichTV and Light Network – partners for His Glory! 

Light Network is deserving of their newly garnered ANAK TV seal of approval awards and I am so blessed and grateful to have been with their company during the said event. I believe we all need to be a light in this dark world. I know Light Network is not the biggest TV Network in the Philippines but in terms of the Kingdom of God, I believe they shine the brightest. That is also how I see how God is moving in my life. I am not the top blogger, YouTuber, Singer or Photographer/Videographer but I am so dedicated and passionate of living this life I have for Him. I want to be a light in media and I am set apart to make a difference by being different from the rest thru sharing His goodness and love in spite of any opposition and setbacks for this is my mission and calling from the God

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I am not called to be a Pastor but to be pastoring the nations thru my efforts and love is shown thru social media and thru the media that I will be producing for His Glory and I praise God for my partnership with Light Network!


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