Double McSpicy #KissTon Official Sandwich

To clarify – this is just a wish and not a news Item- (dream wish)

I was there when the McSpicy was launched and loved that sandwich ever since. That is my all time favorite sa MCDO. I also tried all the secret menu sandwiches including the Double Quarter Pounder, the surf and turf, the triple cheeseburger, and the double mcChicken.

They stopped offering the McDo McSpicy Parmesan sauce burger and I am not happy about it.


I am happy that Kisses and Tony are now an Official Love team


So for 2 things to be promoted well and for McSpicy to come back, why not have a Double MCSpicy commercial with Kisses and Tony? and maybe you can say in the commercial –

The secret menu is out and they have 1 new surprise – The Double McSpicy with the special Sweet and Spicy KissTon sauce – Sweet like Kisses and Hot like Tony. Better together and double Yummy for your Tummy! Official LT Official Menu now out. No more secrets!

The original McSpicy by Tony

The secret menu

My original tweet about it

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Thanks for your time in reading this blog. No harm intended in sharing this idea for a new Sandwich for the secret menu. Thanks!

After searching DoubleMcSpicy – It does exist sa SG. hehe.

Link here


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