2017 – The year of Kisses and her Kissables! plus the rise of DaddyKissables!

I wanted to create a video with a recap for all the Vlogs I made about Kisses and the Kweendom but I will share my Playlist again for now and a quick slideshow plus a special video called Kisses Chronicles (A fanmade program)I found on YouTube.


Kissables Team Live at OneMusicPopsss with Inigo and KissTon


This is right after she started to Introduce me as DaddyKissable with her patented Heart and arrow symbol for KissTon

This is the playlist of all the Kisses and KissShips videos I made this year.
Learning more about Kisses and especially the Kissables was such an inspiration to me.

Slideshow of Kisses and her Kissables




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Am I a Kissable? This Instagram test will prove I am. I checked which are my top 9 posts.

From Direk Alco Guerreros’s best nine IG of 2017 photo


I predicted I will get 7 out of 9 up to 9 out of 9.

This was my result – 9 out of 9!!!



Some more touching Tweets and IG posts/messages:


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