“ConfidentlyKisses” – Kisses 1st solo concert and the top 5 reasons why you should watch!

First of all, let me clear this out. I haven’t watched the Pinoy Big Brother season till now and yet I was converted to be a Kissable.


DaddyKissables aka SirKissables

KissNiel – TinkyWinkyAngel

DonKiss – FairyGodFather

KissTon – KissToNinong

KissWard – KissWarden

I gave myself a different name per major ship.

If you want to know, why I became kissable, the article is here. 

The first reason why you should watch – To meet Kisses Delavin and to discover what makes her the miracle child of Masbate. Why do so many love her?

How come she is well loved? Attend the concert and you will see how she treats everyone with love no matter what the person’s status is. She takes notice of everyone and loves everyone. It seems too good to be true but it is true. I have seen her several times as a media/cover and as a Team Live fan as well.

2. To meet TEAM DELAVIN – The wonderful parents of the Delavin family and her Team Kissables including Vanessa Mercado, her cousin Chino Delavin and the Head Admins that support her. – TEAM DELAVIN.

To reserve tickets, follow these steps :

3. To meet the best fandom ever – The Kissables 

Here is a slideshow of my experience with Team Kissables Live when I attended the Live Taping of Magandang Buhay with Boy Abunda

My article about meeting the Kissables and the initial Platinum Album Launch here

Here is the YouTube video of the first concert and my first time to meet the wonderful Kissables. Kisses Delavin considers all her supporters her family and I also do consider them all my family as well.

4. To witness the latest love team up for Kisses – KissTon.

Yes for those that do not know – nabuwag na KissMarc but the SharkKing and SharkQueen love team is one of the hottest new LoveTeams for this year. Though they are not yet Official since there is no teleserye where they are paired, signs point out that they are the ones that have the blessing of ABS-CBN’s management and Team Kisses. Tony Labrusca was the special guest for her first album launch and for the one on FEB 24. They were paired too on ONEMUSICPOPPS with MarNigo and had a special episode together on ASAP with the supposed third wheel Donny Pangilinan.

More about KissTon here at OneMusicPopps at this link.

Here is my blog why I like Donny Pangilinan.

5. Special surprise guests! Who can it be? The KissShips are hoping Boyband Niel is there, Edward Barber, and Donny Pangilinan as well. Of course, most of Kisses staunch supporters and ates/kuyas are expected to be there. The likes of Say Alonzo, the composer of Di Ko Lang Masabi – Hazel Faith, her PBB family, and hopefully Sam Milby and Ara Mina as well.

The venue at the KIA is bigger than the one in SM NORTH SKYDOME but the tickets are selling out like pancakes so you better order your tickets ASAP.



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