DonKissTon – The new Love Triangle for KissSolo Delavin

People are not sure now which one is the official LT ni Kisses Delavin. Si Tony Labrusca ba who obviously has been paired with Kisses for her last 2 concerts? or si Donny Pangilinan who now is shooting a movie with her?

They are obviously both being marketed as the possible new LT. Tony and Kisses also had 2 shows together at a OneMusicpopps online show and at a big concert held by most OneMusic artists which included MarNigo and Volts Vallejo.

23584303_10155827703146310_1166198231_o (2)

Tony was her special guest at her Platinum album launch


Jaw dropping kilig


Kilig ulit much!


Photos by Jerico Cruz


After she seemed like she went out of step, They embraced. #KISSTON

Then suddenly , DONKISS had a big break when Kisses became a regular sa ASAP ChillOut which includes Edward Barber as well (KISSWARD shippers happy as well)

plus the major big break was that a lot of people clamored for Kisses to join Donny for the movie WALWAL. It became a reality and that became big news!

It was announced by ABS CBN thru TV patrol and I heard it on the radio as well that DONNY PANGILINAN is the new Love Team with Kisses Delavin,. They even included the segment when Kisses admitted sa GGV episode na crush nya si Donny pero sa atin atin lang daw sabi nya kay Vice Ganda.

The thing is sa isang interview kay Kisses sa sunpiology run, Kisses said love team nya lang pag na pair sa kanya sa movie or sa teleserye. Many expected Tony to be the first pero due to WalWal, Donny miraculously took the lead.

After watching their song and dance number sa solo concert though, I was super impressed and happy to see thier number “ReWriteTheStars” They danced and sang so well together like they were so much in love and comfortable with each other.

Parting conclusion:

I believe #DonKissTon the new LT or LoveTriangle for the win. They are both good pair ups for Kisses.

Sa true love and life ni Kisses, she is KISSSOLO.For LT purposes, though the 2 LT partners will be Tony Labrusca and Donny Pangilinan. Till now they haven’t announced sino ka Love team ni Kisses sa playhouse .

Update Donny Pangilinan is the partner for Kisses Delavin at the Playhouse Teleserye.

Plus news just today March 8, 2018 Tony Labrusca and Kisses Delavin will be part of a new Abs-Cbn Lifestyle Show.

For my prediction, Kisses is literally solo pa din, It is like she is open to many ka LT because trabaho lang naman nga basta they respect her and her parents diba?

Boto ko yung dalawa. Both Tony and Donny. They have high respects not only for Kisses and her family but for each other as well. As for true love, that’s Kisses Delavin’s personal decision. She can opt for a non showbiz partner for life. That’s entirely up to her.




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