Rachel Alejandro and Spam-a-lot

For several months, we launched Words and Music by Richard Merk. I was supposed to only promote it as a social media manager though originally my role was supposed to be higher but was not yet approved. So I accepted the offer and covered the event weekly.

Dulce was our first guest and that was such a divine appointment from God but I will share that story on another article.

Rachel Alejandro was not able to go on a saturday so there was supposed to be a taping at DWIZ where Richard Merk was supposed to do the interview. He was not available that day for some reason so I was assigned my first exclusive 30 minute interview with her. I was so happy and grateful for that opportunity.

Here was the trailer with the song from Larawan and the full video as well for the 30 minute interview.

Soundcloud link here:

So after a month after that session with her, I told her thru messenger that I will be glad to promote her Spam-a-lot musical. Then she told me the presscon will be the day after so I did attend and here are my reviews about the amazing Monty Python musical.

YouTube Playlist coverage of the Press Launch:

From Theatre Fans Manila:


The quest for the holy grail video game of yesteryears:

A review by the person who watched the play who sat at my right.




Carla’s version was equally awesome and I need yet to watch Rachel’s version.

To see Rachel, watch at these dates.

Saturday, April 14 (3 pm) ​Sunday, April 15 (3 pm and 8 pm) ​Friday, April 20 (9 pm) ​Sunday, April 22 (8 pm)

The other shows will be done by Carla Guevara-LaForteza as the lady of the lake.

I recommend you watch both versions.

Here is a video of Carla singing a song from Spam-a-Lot.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER – 10-20% off bulk discounts for 5 or more for the April 20 Evening show.  You may contact miss Rachel Alejandro directly for the tickets and the discounts at her number 0917-8380319.



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