MYX WALWAL Block Screening- Kisses defends the Kissables with Love!

June 22, 2018

I was so blessed to have been chosen as an Adobers Studios partner to cover the new Myx VJs.

here are the 2 videos:







This 2nd video I was interviewing them as if I am a VJ as well:




Fast forward to WALWAL Myx Screening. I had attended multiple block screenings and wanted to try to get in to cover this one too. At the last minute head admin,  MomshieArts gave me access.








July 6, 2018

Myx Block Screening Vlog










What transpired was that DonKiss fans were not acknowledged by the host of MYX – at least that’s what they are claiming. After several tweets were exchanged online by SharDon fans, DonKiss fans and sir Andre Allan who is the head of MYX, Kisses steps in sa picture and sends this loving and timely message to sir Andre.



Update: reply from sir Andre:



End note.

Kisses is so blessed by her supporters. We are also so blessed that she defends us too!

Let us not take that lightly.

See you all at PlayHouse. Open doors again for DaddyKissables!

Love you all dami pang blessings to come!


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