Upper Room Worship Manila – What I found out about this special ministry.


As I set to check what Upper Room Worship Manila is about, I found out the following.


1. 3 years na sila.

2. It’s not connected to Upper Room Worship in the US.

3. Instead of complaining about the current state of worship, this was the leader’s way to fill in the gap of providing a more intimate type of worship gathering open to the whole body of Christ.

4. It is a parachurch.

5. The leader is under Victory The Fort and is discipled. He is a regular church goer and not a Pastor.

6. They meet every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the year.

7. The services are funded mostly from the pockets of the founder himself and his brother who is a basketball player who plays at the PBA for the Blackwater team

8. They had a 900 member retreat last year with prominent people being part of the worship team like miss Janina Vela and Moira De La Torre who will be part of the August 11 Green Sun worship retreat with a Ticket price of 400 pesos.

It was a good eye opener that due to the vision of 1 man that captured the hearts of many, this movement for a more excellent and passionate worship was born!

God bless Upper Room Worship Manila!


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