BEAM and Go – 24/7 Shopping Convenience for OFW families!

Instead of sending cash or remitting money to your family overseas, you can now use this app to send credits to your loved ones for them to purchase products from a convenience store like 7-11! 


7-11 is perfect for any person that needs food and supplies since it is open 24×7


7-11 is good for all types of employees including night shift professionals!


“Own brand products that can be purchased for a cheaper price in-store or thru Cliqq Shop


You may purchase ready to eat meals and snacks too!


They serve all types of popular drinks and softdrinks!


Most of the important grocery items are available too!


They serve fresh breads and pastries as well!


Snacks and additional potato chips are available to purchase!


They have their own 7/11 branded products like these afforadable mineral water bottles!


School supplies and Office supplies are readily available!


“they serve ready to eat meals ideal for students and working class who’s always on the rush.”


Stationaries and greeting cards!


Friendly and fast service!


Healthy drinks, coffee,milk tea and juices are popular choices!

Thru the website  You can send the credits to use for 711 to your loved ones. This is ideal for OFWs who want to send gift certificates to their loved ones in the Philippines instead of just sending cash so they can be sure that the money they sent will be used in the corresponding manner they wish it to be used for.

Registration process: 

Step 1: we need to register an account first on the website: we can do this thru a desktop or thru a mobile gadget as well.

Here is the YouTube link on how to register an account:

After registering an account we also need to add a beneficiary so we can send the gift certificate to that person:

So for this demo, I received the credits and sent the credits over to my own account as well to use for a 7-11 store. Here are the screenshots of the process.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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