An exclusive interview with Grace Bondad Nicolas


Rich: Can you tell us the story of your life before you started your life as a blogger/marketing professional?

Grace: Before Marketing & Blogging? That’s before college:)

All my life, I’m into blogging and marketing or rather writing so much since elementary. I’m into poems and was a contributing writer under our high school paper. In college, I wanted up journalism but there was no course like that in Letran so I took up the hardest course instead which was Engineering. That was in 1997.

I took up Masters in Management Major in Engineering Management in 2009 and was supposed to have been a Magna Cum laude gradiate if I chose not to run in 2010. I needed to file a leave of absence because of campaigning. At the same time, I was in charge of running AGHB Builders, an accredited contractor under UP and while constructing building and residential houses under Landco and Crown Asia, i also became the Regional Media Coordinator and Writer under Philippine Information Agency which is the communication arm of Malacanang.

In 1998, I started my own blog in the states. Using gurlpages which is now, I learned about HTML programming language. I used it to update my parents how I was doing in the US for 7 years.

As an entrepreneur under AGHB Builders, I was the finance, HR, sales and marketing team all rolled into one. But before that, I was the head of sales and marketing under Odessa Construction.

I established TAG Media & PR in 2010. That’s same time I worked at the biggest advertising company in the Philippines as Business Development & Marketing Head. I’m directly reporting to the owner of the company.

Right now, TAG handles 7 companies.


2. Rich: What makes Pinoyblogger special?


 Grace: I like exclusivity. If it’s exclusive, it’s special. So I’m making sure, all members will received a special treatment like perks at all tag events, mentoring and even placing them for a better job. I like to build leaders and likes to be associated with leaders. So why not start building leaders in your own group right? We’re into sharing and sharing is confidence. We hate the word competition.

3. Rich: Any tips for new bloggers?


A. Make a difference
B. Learn more
C. Have integrity
D. Be associated with leaders and you will be a leader too
E. Exert effort in content

Rich: Thank you so much Grace for being an inspiration to us newbie and also the veteran bloggers. I can see the Grace of God in you the way you deal with everyone and the way you mentor us is thru your example and I am privileged to be inspired and trained by you.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

From Team Azalea and Team Ang,

I will always be grateful to you!

Rich Valor.

Grace and Rich



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