7 Mountains of Influence

My wife is a missionary and ministers mightily to a group of women every saturday.  I’ve been trained the same way but worked in IT for over 10 years.

This 2016 I had several breakthrus in Blogging, VLogging, Youtube-ing, joined Chicken Pork Adobo MCN under ABS-CBN, and I now have access to several tv shows and networks to be a small part of the cast. I praise God for how all these have happened so quickly from May  2016 till today December 3.

My Pastor Friend James Aiton from KingdomCity Manila told me I should start my own church since I am highly opinionated but somehow I am led to share positive and happy content thru the media I do instead hence my HappyRich TV channel name.

I have been thru a lot of trials and tests but the tests and trials are testimonies of God’s goodness in my life and the trials are now triumphs and all Glory be to God for that fact!

Dulce, a famous singer from the Philippines, after accepting my FB request told me about the 7 mountains concept. This revelation was from the group of Bill Bright who founded the Campus Crusade for Christ.


The concept is that when people accept Christ and start to minister, most of them leave their area of expertise and start serving in church.  But people are needed in different areas of society. We do not need more light in a well lit place. We need to have people to be the salt and light in the dark and decaying parts of society.


You may download some material about it here.

When I was at a missions training at ACTS 13 missions training Bible School, the vision and mission the Lord gave me was to create new media, music, theatre, and other forms of media but full of the power of the Holy Spirit and to be used for the great commission and for the Glory of God.

I believe my focus to reclaim for God personally is to reclaim Arts, Entertainment and Media mountain for God and when Dulce told me about it, there is a confirmation of the great things God has shown me this year.

I started singing a lot of worship songs at FB live which launched this year, sang “great is thy faithfulness” at DZAR, sang at dzxl” How did you know” at their sample portion courtesy of Shelley Amoncio and team.

As a blogger I started this blog and promoted different clients especially #TagMedia where Mrs. Grace Bondad Nicolas helped me a lot in learning the ropes in digital marketing.

I joined chicken pork adobo under abs cbn after learning about it from mychannelnow’s Maui and Marga Manalo at a media event AsiaPopComiccon. Now I am a cast member with their panlasang sabog season 2.


After meeting EJS Noel Samba at Victoria Court Tag Media Event, He  eventually invited me to join him as a talent for the teleserye Magpahanggang wakas at ABSCBN.  I was also chosen by Edrian Bautista to be a part of BlogADias article Rising Bloggers in the Philippines. I attended a digital marketing session by ms Janette Torall and met sir Nestor Layderos from Light network and became a media partner/blogger for them. Ms Janette Torall also gave me a chance to join her exclusive bloggers group and this is the article I made for her and yes the thresher sharks were added to the list to be saved.


While I was walking at the Burgos Circle, I walked in to Frank and Dean and heard a group of singer songwriters and sang with them in the end. Crystal Lin, Jegs Benedict, Anna Aquino, Sakana Band, Alex Arias. Nick Mangubat, and Jona Paculan are some of the new friends who I call my family in jamming that was birthed from that chance / divine encounter.

Here are sample videos from world ex where i sang with them.



At ms Mys radio show I went there to take a video of Koro Illustrado and here is the video:

I joined Koro Illustrado and was accepted but had to leave momentarily due to schedule constraints. I might go back still.

Mrs Grace Bondad Nicolas and Tag media has been my best supporter, mentor, and Trainor in all social media tech. . I attended her blogging 101 more than twice and she had given me multiple special opportunities.

Here are some videos which show those cool opportunities:

Best of Aliw interview with Lea Salonga – I was given backstage access and took advantage of it as well: Blog link here:



I joined women nation as media youtuber coverage specialist for #TagMedia

where I met Arthur Manalo – an award wining photographer and musical scorer who is now my co producer for new youtube content.

Upcoming new content preview here:


While all this was going on, I eventually was invited to receive a posthumous award at the national press club for my  grandfather Ka Doroy Valencia who was inducted to the National Press Club hall of Fame October 2016. (talk about divine timing) same year I started all these media coverage)


The future for my HappyRichTv Media:

  1. Mychannel now season 2 appearance December and January:
  2. Blog posts from this one and as a correrspondent under wazzup.ph under ted claudio and as a news article writer under blasting news UK.
  3. http://www.blogadia.com featured rising top blogger and more articles under Blogadia.com
  4. #TagMedia, Light Network, Janette Torall articles. more chicken pork adobo collaborations and new content too.
  5. Acting as talent for different tv shows, seryes, indie films, etc. (pray for me on this aspect) This is also for my creating new good and Godly content to help with reclaiming mountain for arts and media.
  6. Singing at World ex, FB live, youtube, events, and other places.

Thank you Lord for unlimited opportunities, great partners and friends to help with your vision for my life to take back what was stolen from your Kingdom. The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. I will help with passion in winning these spheres of influence in society for you. To be a salt and light there. Not everyone is called to be at the religion mountain – too many people there.

To all those that read this and support me, Thank you so much and God bless you!

Thanks for checking out the adventures of the wacky happy man!





7 thoughts on “7 Mountains of Influence

  1. Hi there! The 7M concept is being used in all our churches here in Negros since 2010. It’s a great way to reclaiming these mountains for the Lord!

    I’m in the marketplace ministry as well and hope to chat with you some day! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool! let’s meet up and join forces for God! Tell me more about how you helped in the 7 mountains concept!

      Thanks for reading my blog. Please subscribe and comment to my companion youtube channel as well. God bless.


    1. You are a great light and 🔥 fire to the 2 mountains. The youth are inspired by you and as they watch you burn for Him, they are ignited to do the same.


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